Technology Business

I am Founder and Managing Director of a technology research and publishing company called Portio Research Limited

Portio Research publishes B2B market research in the mobile telecoms space, mostly covering the products and services that connect mobile network operators with mobile consumers. We study applications and services, particularly mobile messaging and smartphone apps. My personal expertise lies in the area of SMS (text messaging) and OTT instant messaging apps, the most popular type of smartphone apps worldwide.

Portio Research Company Logo

I founded Portio Research Ltd back in the summer of 2003, and at that time my business model was brave and innovative. Using mostly outsourced staff I quickly created a brand that has stood the test of time among much larger competitors. Now ten years established, Portio Research is a brand that is well known and well respected in the mobile industry, and over the last decade we have sold research to almost every big-name firm in the mobile comms industry.

If you are interested in understanding more, please visit the company site and feel free to email me at with any questions.

Additionally, here are a few sample research reports we have published, for you to download or read online if you wish. These are books that I wrote, or helped to write, and I acted as Chief Editor for each.

Mobile Messaging Futures 2012-2016 – this is the 6th edition of our flagship annual mobile messagi study, very popular and well respected and often quoted within the industry – Mobile Messaging Futures 2012-2016

Smartphone Futures 2011-2015 – this was the 2nd edition of this popular best-selling report. Download at Smartphone Futures 2011-2015

Strategies for Creating End-User Demand for Mobile Data – published way back in 2006, this remains our all-time best-selling report, this received endless praise from our customers at that time. You can read it at Strategies for Creating End-User Demand for Mobile Data Services

Ranking the World’s Best MNOs – Tackling a complex subject, using a lot of complex number crunching, we looked at the performance of mobile phone networks around the world, using a level economic playing field to compare them all. Download at Ranking the World’s Best MNOs

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