The Greatest Gifts

The Greatest Gifts

The greatest gifts you could possibly enjoy in your life:

  • Good health, ‘2 of everything’, full mobility, the energy to get out of bed in the morning and stand on your own two feet and open your eyes and see
  • Freedom from political or military oppression. This post appears on WordPress and Facebook. If you are on WordPress or Facebook, then you almost certainly live in a modern Western society that allows you to go where you like, say what you like, and do almost (within reason) anything you please
  • Someone loves you. Likely, many people do. You live in a society that largely accepts our differences and preferences, and everybody is loved by somebody. The worst of human bigotry (slavery, mass racial segregation, etc.) is moving from ‘current affairs’ into the history books. (Russia, please pay attention to this point…bigotry = out of date people. 1luvx)
  • You are reading this online – therefore, you have money, a computer, electricity, and by extension, you almost certainly have clean running drinking water, heating, a roof over your head, a bed to sleep in, electric lights, a flushing toilet and hot water
  • You are reading this, therefore you have FREE TIME
  • If you the time and resources for WordPress or Facebook, then you clearly do not live in abject poverty. You likely eat a minimum of twice daily, and you likely enjoy clean clothes, probably a car, consumer electronics and other life-enhancing conveniences
  • These gifts: health, wealth, free time, political freedom, energy, food in your belly, a shirt on your back and love in your heart, are simply the MOST INCREDIBLE gifts you could ever imagine having.


Do you think I’m wrong? Try living a life without a few of these gifts and you’ll gain a new sense of perspective.

Every day, I see people online, and in life in general, who never stop complaining about their lives. I just want to scream at these people to wake the fuck up and show some appreciation for what they HAVE, and stop focussing on what they HAVE NOT.

Apathy and a sense of entitlement are massive modern day killers.

READ THAT AGAIN. Apathy and a sense of entitlement are massive modern day killers.

The world owes you NOTHING, and if you read the list above and thought “Yeah, I have all that” then QUIT COMPLAINING about your life and celebrate, you are the envy of 50% of the human race = 3 BILLION people WISH THEY HAD YOUR LIFE!!!

Your life is a GIFT, awash with splendour, opportunity and wonder. Get that in to your head and ACT LIKE YOU ARE HAPPY ABOUT IT.

You get just ONE life, use it or lose it. And stop complaining about the weather, the tube strike, the rain, the tax man, the government, politicians, the education system, the railways, the roads, the hospitals, the health care system, doctors, teachers, your spouse, your neighbour, your boss, your kids, the price of food, the cost of holidays (you actually GET a holiday FFS!) and a million other things. You have a JOB, you have an INCOME, you are fit enough to go to work or school every day = BE GRATEFUL.

Instead of moaning about the world, if there is something you think COULD be better, use you untapped talents to GO CHANGE IT. Don’t moan that others don’t do it well enough – step the hell up and show us all how it could be done. If YOU ain’t making a change and doing your best, don’t criticise the efforts others are making to contribute to this world. Screw apathy – get up in the morning and BE YOUR BEST, and make this world better with your love, your drive, your positive energy, your good ideas and your passion.

Peace. 1luvx

Beating 71% of Small Businesses

Beating 71% of Small Businesses

According to statistics, 71% of all small businesses go bust within ten years, most of them in the first 3 to 5 years. My company,, is ten years old today!

Happy birthday me!

I started this business a decade ago with £684 quid of my own money and a few free evenings, and so far it’s generated £2.2 million in sales without me ever leaving home, ever making or delivering a physical product or service, and without me ever borrowing money.

Approximately 75% of that £2.2 million quid has come from large corporations in other countries, so as a net exporter, I am bringing revenue into the UK and paying corporation tax on my profits, helping the UK economy. Running my own company has not always been easy, but it has enabled me to work from home for a decade, being a hands-on Dad, supporting my wife and enjoying sharing life with my young children as they grow up. I started the company when our first-born was 5 weeks old (I must be bloody mad!)

I see Stephen Elop take the CEO job at Nokia 7 years ago, and in the last 6 years, he has destroyed a $50bn dollar business, and sold it off for just $7bn. What is left of Nokia’s handset division is losing $250 million bucks per year. For this astronomical fuck up, he is being paid a $25.5 MILLION dollar bonus, on TOP of his multi-million annual earnings.

Portio Research cannot afford to lose $250 million bucks per year, in fact, my accountant would remind me that if I even lost £250 quid per year, I would not be running my business very well!

Small companies cannot play “the game of business” the way big companies do. Big companies have shareholders, hedge funds, banks and other financial institutions backing them…holding them afloat while they lose millions, hoping for a pay day further down the line. Small companies do not have suck luxuries available to us.

We small business owners have to run our companies PROPERLY, we have to stay in the red as much as possible, we have to make a profit every year in order to stay in business, and we have to keep our customers happy so that we can beat the 71% of companies that never reach their 10th birthday.

According to the Government , 99.2% of all companies in the UK have less than 50 employees. 96% of all companies in the UK are micro businesses (4.6 million companies) employing 0-9 people, and these small companies generate 21% of the UK PAYE tax receipts.

So not to be patting myself on the back too much, but let’s hear it for small business owners, not those Blue Chip corporate la-la land business folk who have no idea what balancing the books is all about. Let’s hear it for small business owners who never get a day off, never take a real holiday and never stop thinking about (and worrying about!) their business.

Their are pros and cons to running your own company, but generally speaking, the pros outweigh the cons.

To all other small business owners, I salute you! More power to us!