Balancing Cholesterol

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“What should I do about my high cholesterol?” I was asked. I shall try to present an unbiased, evidence-based answer. I outline the main research, with linked references to look at, if you have time. I summarise what you need to know about cholesterol and its involvement in atherosclerosis, but please bear in mind that it’s not the whole story to cardiovascular disease management. I offer some private testing choices and non-pharmaceutical approaches to optimising healthy levels. If time is tight, just scan through the sub-titles to find the section you are most interested in.

The debate

You are probably aware of the mainstream medical view, the lipid hypothesis. It says that raised cholesterol is a primary cause of atherosclerosis (plaque deposits blocking the arteries) and cardiovascular disease. This originated from research by Ancel Keys and The Framingham Heart Study. A review of the history can be…

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A Swiss Investment Bank gets it completely one hundred per cent right

An excellent post from the ever-spot-on Dr Kendrick

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

[Yes, that’s right, a Swiss Investment Bank!]

A kind reader of my blog pointed me at a report by Credit Suisse entitled ‘Fat, the New Health Paradigm.’ I suppose I half expected the usual. Saturated fat causes heart disease, cholesterol causes heart disease. ‘We are a respected bank, what the hell did you expect – that we would rock the boat in some way. Don’t be daft.

What seems to have happened is that they actually looked at the evidence in this area and came to the conclusion that the current dietary advice is utter bollocks and is not based on anything at all. I shall start with a few key points from the Introduction:

‘Saturated fat has not been a driver of obesity: fat does not make you fat. At current levels of consumption the most likely culprit behind growing obesity level of the world population is…

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A love of trees

I love trees, all kinds of trees, I have profound respect for trees, especially old trees. I love big trees, huge tall trees or massively spread out trees. I love gnarly twisted trees, ancient looking trees, trees with strange shapes, symmetrical trees, wonky trees, beaten and battered looking trees, trees bent over by harsh weather, tall trees, broad round trees, unusual trees, I just love how trees make me think.

Trees are amazing, the oldest trees on Earth are recorded at living up to 14,000 years. Yes, really, a single tree that has stood for more than ten thousand years – there are several around the world. In Utah, there is a colony of aspen trees that covers 106 acres, and the whole thing (it looks like a forest) is actually all connected underground in one vast root system, so in effect it is a single living organism – it weighs 6,600 tons and is estimated to be 80,000 years old, making it the heaviest living thing on Earth and one of the very oldest. Amazing!

But while there are dozens and dozens of trees around the world aged at between 1000 and 10,000 years old, there are literally thousands and thousands of trees around us everywhere which date to several hundred years old. Continue reading

Understanding Our Individual Belief Systems

Blame the parents…

Each of us is raised to adulthood with a certain view of the world ‘programmed’ into us. I appreciate that for some people, their upbringing is different, less conventional, but please allow me to generalize, and assume that for the vast majority of us, our primary influences in young life are our parents. Our parents and other members of our immediate family, closest friends and neighbours, teachers and classmates, are the people who help us to form our view of the world, and for most people, our parents are by far the most influential players in this game.

This is rarely a conscious process. Continue reading

Teaching our kids how to play

This was an interesting discussion that came up on Facebook, I thought I would share it on here.

It started when I posted this picture which I had seen on someone else’s page:

Kids PlayingA friend of mine, Steve, posted his thoughts about this image –

Imagine what it was like being a kid growing up in Hull in the 1960’s We lived off fat, and sugar, and nobody was overweight. Obesity was an alien concept. We played outdoors, year round, regardless of the weather. Playing outside in the dark was fun, we had amazing adventures. We never caused any trouble, we just expanded a lot of energy Continue reading

Putting Racism in Context

The more I learn about anthropology, the more I am astounded by racism. When I say racism, I mean colour prejudice. I realise there are many forms of racism, some are merely overzealous forms of national pride and competitiveness, others more hateful and harmful. But colour prejudice really confounds and infuriates me, and the more I learn about human evolution on Earth, the more it gets my back up. Let me break this down, so you understand what I am talking about.

Life on Earth

First up, me need to start with a quick potted history of life on Earth.

Planet Earth is roughly 4.6 billion years old (that’s 4,600 million years old).

The first 4 billion years were all gas and fire and water and at most, bacterial life and a few very basic plants. What we think of as life, animals and fish and birds, began about 500 million years ago. Continue reading

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I shall start blogging here regularly soon. I am spending a large part of January 2013 in India, so will blog about my first trip to that wonderful and exciting country while I am there. I can’t wait!