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Founder of Mother Nature’s Diet, mad about healthy living and disease prevention, I spend most of my time spreading my simple, no b/s message about taking personal responsibility for our own health, and living by the simple, common sense 12 Core Principles of the Mother Nature’s Diet way of life.

I promote Mother Nature’s Diet, I am a capable and engaging public speaker around health and nutrition, I am a qualified Personal Trainer and I lead individuals and small groups on hill walking and mountain trekking activities, with some scrambling and rock climbing.

I am in my 40s, I was born in July 1970, I am married and a father of three wonderful children, two boys and one girl, our youngest. I am an entrepreneur and I have spent many years working in research, print and publishing in one way or another. For 13 years I ran a small B2B publishing company in the mobile telecoms business, called Portio Research Ltd, and now I am busy building Mother Nature’s Diet under my business MND Health Ltd.

My passions are health and fitness, mountains, hiking, nutrition, rock climbing, running, sustainable agriculture, my kids, gardening and all-things-green. My extended interests include cycling, environmental studies and sustainable development, green-tech/clean-tech, understanding people and why we do the things we do, especially around relationships, anthropology, ancient human history and evolution. I love reading, learning, photography (all images on this site are my own), writing, playing squash and personal development. I love the outdoors and feeling that connection with nature, I love my healthy lifestyle, animals and music.

If you wish, please contact me at:

Business email – karl@mndhealth.com

Healthy living the Mother Nature’s Diet way on Twitter – @KarlMNDHealth


Please visit Mother Nature’s Diet at MotherNaturesDiet.com

You can visit my healthy living blog at MotherNaturesDiet.me

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For speaking enquiries, in the first instance please email karl@mndhealth.com

Bio and my story

These days, I take my health and fitness very seriously, but I have not always been this way. I was a lazy kid, a couch-potato and TV addict, and I would avoid all sports and exercise wherever possible. By my late teens I was obese, and I yo-yo’d up and down with my weight for many years, through into my mid-30s. I smoked for 18 years and was a pretty heavy drinker when I was younger, and although I started running in my 20s to combat the widening waistline, I was never very fit.

But in my mid-30s I changed and I quit smoking and started taking my health much more seriously. Since then, health and fitness and nutrition have become my passion and my obsession. I discovered the world of personal development in my mid-30s and since then I have attended dozens of seminars and read many self-help books and I can honestly say that this has radically changed how I live and work and play. I feel like I have finally found my place in life.

In my late 30s I decided that time was passing and my wish-list of things I always said I would do in life was growing longer but nothing was being ticked off. I took up martial arts, I flew eagles off my arm, I got a tattoo (and then another, and then another), I sky dived, I worked fewer hours, joined a gym, lost a lot of weight (7 stone 3, or 101 pounds, or 46 kilos), went running and did more with every day of my life. At the age of 39 I suddenly decided I must run a marathon before I hit 40. I went on to run 14 marathons and 2 ultramarathons, and in 2011, I cycled from John O’Groats to Land’s End in 9 days, a distance of 963 miles, mostly in poor weather, which was a tough challenge, but an immensely enjoyable experience.

In business too, I have transformed significantly. I left school at 15 and worked as a computer engineer for 3 years, then in a print factory for 8 years. Then I took a year out, and went to live in Arctic Russia, in a city called Murmansk which is one of the most northern cities in the world, 200 kilometers above the arctic circle, where I lived and worked as an English teacher and went running in the snow. I had a fantastic time in Russia, and to some extent I ‘found myself’ out there in the dark and the cold, and I resolved to return home and make more of my self and my life.

I built a good career as a salesman over the next seven years, and then I founded my first company, Portio Research, back in 2003. In the decade from 1996 to 2006, I took control of my career and what used to be my annual salary, became my monthly salary. I closed Portio Research early in 2016 to focus on growing Mother Nature’s Diet. I felt I had served my time in telecoms research and consulting, and it was time to focus on my heart’s true passion, so I became a qualified Personal Trainer, started public speaking and made Mother Nature’s Diet my full time career. What started as a blog about my own personal journey, has become my whole world.

Along the way I became a certified small business coach, property investor, public speaker, author and health coach.

If you have any questions, please ask, feel free to email me at karl@dontstopmenow.me

This picture is a happy, healthy me, rock climbing in the sunshine in South Wales in the summer of 2012.


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi I came across this website through your blog on “racism in context”. A friend had posted it on facebook. I Just wanted to say a special thanks for sharing your thoughts, a very inspirational website, I have shared it with my young niece who is an aspiring to her own entrepreneurial spirit. Wish you and family every happiness, Manisha

  2. Hi Karl,
    Your life is inspirational.
    I particularly share a lot of your interests like anthropology and ancient civilizations, a pity children are not taught all this at school. I also like to practice food as preventative medicine but that’s a subject for another day. One of the reasons why I am writing this is to ask your advice on a course I was thinking of doing with the Harbour Club on mergers and acquisitions, please tell me if this is all it claims to be?
    Many Thanks

    • Hi Nasa,
      Thanks, good to hear from you – I got your message too. My friend, happy to talk, but I am literally drowning in work load at the moment, as I am temporarily back in full-time education AND still running my company, blogging, parenting, staying fit and healthy and much more.
      I’ll send you a message tomorrow, then happy to chat after my crazy busy period ends next week.
      Thanks again, all the best,

  3. Hi Karl. I ended up here from your blog on mobile messenger interoperability. However, you are one person I am going to continue to follow. Great going. Thanks.


  4. I am simply thrilled to have stumbled across your page/works and all you have worked so diligently to create/disseminate in your writings. Count me in as a new, regular follower of all-things Karl!

    -Dave NH, US

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