A love of trees

I love trees, all kinds of trees, I have profound respect for trees, especially old trees. I love big trees, huge tall trees or massively spread out trees. I love gnarly twisted trees, ancient looking trees, trees with strange shapes, symmetrical trees, wonky trees, beaten and battered looking trees, trees bent over by harsh weather, tall trees, broad round trees, unusual trees, I just love how trees make me think.

Trees are amazing, the oldest trees on Earth are recorded at living up to 14,000 years. Yes, really, a single tree that has stood for more than ten thousand years – there are several around the world. In Utah, there is a colony of aspen trees that covers 106 acres, and the whole thing (it looks like a forest) is actually all connected underground in one vast root system, so in effect it is a single living organism – it weighs 6,600 tons and is estimated to be 80,000 years old, making it the heaviest living thing on Earth and one of the very oldest. Amazing!

But while there are dozens and dozens of trees around the world aged at between 1000 and 10,000 years old, there are literally thousands and thousands of trees around us everywhere which date to several hundred years old. Continue reading