Teaching our kids how to play

This was an interesting discussion that came up on Facebook, I thought I would share it on here.

It started when I posted this picture which I had seen on someone else’s page:

Kids PlayingA friend of mine, Steve, posted his thoughts about this image –

Imagine what it was like being a kid growing up in Hull in the 1960’s We lived off fat, and sugar, and nobody was overweight. Obesity was an alien concept. We played outdoors, year round, regardless of the weather. Playing outside in the dark was fun, we had amazing adventures. We never caused any trouble, we just expanded a lot of energy, playing cowboys and indians, or WW2 role play with homemade wooden guns. They where great days, so, where did it all go wrong? Or maybe it hasn’t gone wrong, its simply a generation gap, and a massive cultural shift.

And then I added my thoughts –

I think we (guys our age) popularly want to think ‘it’s all gone wrong’ but maybe it’s just change. Every generation changes. But I do think the changes are for the worse. Progress and change is not ALL good, and as we evolve into ever more complex social creatures, we seem ever more reluctant to admit to our mistakes.

I mean, we admit now that slavery was a mistake, but once it was an accepted norm of ‘civilized society’.
We accept now that racial/colour prejudice is wrong, where once is seemed perfectly acceptable to segment the seating on a bus based on colour.
Doctors once drilled holes in a person’s skull to relieve some mental health problems. We have made ‘progress’ and now we accept that was wrong.
The greatest thinkers on Earth once thought the world was flat…that the sun spun around the Earth, and so on.
But is society ready to accept that some modern norms, are wrong. Are we ready to un-invent alcohol, the world’s favourite legal poisonous drug?
Are we ready to publicly ban tobacco/nicotine products?
Are we ready to un-invent refined white sugar?

Are we ready to admit that a generation of kids playing Nintendo DS instead of playing ‘tag’, playing COD on the PS3 instead of riding bikes and climbing trees, calling mum on their cellphone to get a lift home because they were irresponsible and they screwed up and missed the bus…are we ready to accept that the generation of chilkdren we are breeding, are less healthy and less physically capable than their parents? And are WE ready to accept the blame?

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