Understanding Our Individual Belief Systems

Blame the parents…

Each of us is raised to adulthood with a certain view of the world ‘programmed’ into us. I appreciate that for some people, their upbringing is different, less conventional, but please allow me to generalize, and assume that for the vast majority of us, our primary influences in young life are our parents. Our parents and other members of our immediate family, closest friends and neighbours, teachers and classmates, are the people who help us to form our view of the world, and for most people, our parents are by far the most influential players in this game.

This is rarely a conscious process. Continue reading

Teaching our kids how to play

This was an interesting discussion that came up on Facebook, I thought I would share it on here.

It started when I posted this picture which I had seen on someone else’s page:

Kids PlayingA friend of mine, Steve, posted his thoughts about this image –

Imagine what it was like being a kid growing up in Hull in the 1960’s We lived off fat, and sugar, and nobody was overweight. Obesity was an alien concept. We played outdoors, year round, regardless of the weather. Playing outside in the dark was fun, we had amazing adventures. We never caused any trouble, we just expanded a lot of energy Continue reading